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What is AI Clause Extraction?

AI Clause Extraction leverages natural language processing to automatically identify and extract legally relevant clauses from contracts and documents. Machine learning models analyse structural patterns in contractual language to accurately tag and pull out key clauses related to payments, liability, termination etc. This builds clause libraries to reveal trends across an organization’s contract portfolio to enhance negotiations, compliance, and risk management. Ultimately, AI clause extraction brings structure to contractual terms and provides data-driven insights to manage rights and obligations at scale.


How does AI Clause Extraction work?

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Fields that can be extracted

No need to spend time training an AI Clause Extraction model from scratch - our solution already recognizes a wide variety of invoice fields

Acceleration Acknowledgement Acts of God Addendum Additional Insured Additional Provisions Additional Rent Agreement Not to Sue Alternative Dispute Resolution Amendment Amortization Annual Incentive Plan (AIP) Bonus Arbitration Assignability Assignment Assumption Agreement Assumption of Liability Attornment Audit Automatic Termination


Why choose Cognitiv+'s AI Clause Extraction?

Unlock data from any source
Access and consolidate information from various sources, including images, PDFs, scanned documents, paper files, docx, and other formats, with the option to integrate with existing systems through APIs.
Achieve exceptional accuracy
Benefit from our advanced OCR and Vision technology, which has undergone extensive testing and training on vast volumes of documents, ensuring precision and dependability in data extraction.
Streamline processes and operations
Establish effortless workflows that automate data transfer, formatting, validation, approvals, exporting, and integration, minimizing the need for manual intervention and maximizing efficiency.
Optimize resources
Minimize the time spent on laborious manual tasks and eliminate costly data entry mistakes, freeing up resources and enhancing profitability.
Seamless integration
Connect your current business tools with Cognitiv+'s API and tailored integration services, facilitating automatic data sharing, storage, document management, and more across platforms.
Boost productivity
Transform your organization's output by leveraging Cognitiv+ to manage non-core functions, empowering your team to concentrate on key responsibilities and increasing overall efficiency tenfold.

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