Choose the plan that's right for you

Free Trial
14 Days
  • Up to 100 documents or 14 days
  • Vision AI
  • Classifier
  • Designated Customer Success Manager
  • 1 User
Starter Monthly
$300 / mth
  • Up to 800 documents
  • Vision AI
  • Classifier
  • Designated Customer Success Manager
  • 2 Users
Starter Yearly
$3,500 / yr
  • Up to 10,000 documents
  • Vision AI
  • Classifier
  • Designated Customer Success Manager
  • 2 Users
Custom plan
  • Up to 1 million documents or extracted insights
  • Vision AI
  • Classifier
  • Document review and insight extraction
  • Designated Customer Success Manager

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Why Cognitiv+

Improve Productivity
Document review, classification and data extraction are boring. Let our tech do it for you, 7x faster. Turbocharge your processes.
Reduce Cost
It takes 1000s of hours to review and classify contracts manually. Slash the time needed. Cut down review costs.
Take Better Decisions
Sort your documents, then turn scattered data into structured information; open up worlds of hidden insights. Improve your decisions.
Mitigate Risks
Cognitiv+ can organise, read and assess documents more accurately than humans. Reduce the risk of missing something.


Subscription Plans FAQs

What is considered as one document and is there a page limitation on uploaded documents?

One uploaded file is considered as one document. Don´t worry, there is no page limitation - one document can have as many pages as needed.

How will I know that I reached the number of documents/extracted insights and what can I do?

When you get close to your subscription limitation number, we will send you an email notifying you about this. You will also receive a suggestion of subscription add-ons that would complement your subscription the best.

What do “extracted insights” mean?

Extracted insights are information that you want to extract from your uploaded document. These are predefined (you can choose them from the insights library) but you can also create them on your own.

Extracted insights are:

  • clause types (e.g. titles of the contract/document articles),
  • insights (e.g. information within articles/documents such as due dates, payment amounts, etc.);
  • obligation types (classification of the obligations within documents as Obligations, Discretions, Prohibitions, Deliverables), and
  • Definitions.
If I perform insights extraction on a blank page, will this be counted as used extracted insight?

Yes. This is because in some use cases, it is equally valuable to know if the text you are looking for is included or excluded from the document.

What happens at the end of the Free trial?

You will get an email notifying you that your Free trial is about to end. We will also provide you with the offer of our subscription models that you can continue with.

How can I change my subscription model?

If you want to upgrade your subscription model, simply send us an email on

Please note that there is no option to downgrade your subscription model before its expiry.