Cognitiv+ supports the DigiRights Hackaton “Human Rights in Smart Cities” and the International Symposium “Digital Rights 2.0: A Decade of Transformations”

July 06, 2021 | Marketing Team

Cognitiv+ is honoured to contribute to 2 main events happening this week in the legal tech sphere: the Hackaton DigiRights and the International Symposium “Digital Rights 2.0: A Decade of Transformations

DigiRights Hackaton: build stuff with Cognitiv+ technology! 

DigiRights – Human Rights in Smart Cities will take place on July 9, 10 and 11 and it’s a global hackathon organized by University of GreenwichLETS LAB , Innovation in Law Studies Alliance (ILSA) and the Instituto de Innovación Legal. 

The participants will be asked to develop solutions for smart cities that are citizen-centered and promote digital rights, stimulating the development of digital democracy, civic engagement and access to justice solutions.

Cognitiv+ will provide its Machine Learning document review technology to all participants as a platform to develop their own solutions. Cognitiv+ includes a no-code autoML annotator to develop, train and deploy machine learning models in a few clicks, with no need for data scientists. You will be surprised at what you can do with our annotator in the space of a hackathon! 

Our platform includes:

  • Turn-key technology to recognize and extract clauses from legal documents (automatically recognises 256 clause families and 10 document types, including regulations); 
  • Obligations recognition and extraction;
  • With the No-code Autom ML annotator, easy creation of tailored ML models with extraction of customized data points from legal documents.

On Friday 9th, we will show participants how to leverage Cognitiv+ potential to design their solutions through a short training session: after that, participants can let their imagination run loose to tackle relevant legal issues with the power of ML and document review. 

The hackathon will take place online and will include students and professionals from diverse backgrounds. A jury made up of leading figures in legal tech will select and award the three best applications and winning teams will receive prizes ranging from 1000£ to 400£ in Amazon vouchers. 

You still have time to sign up – the deadline is Wednesday July 8th! For more information and to sign up, see the Hackaton website

The Symposium

On July 9th, the International Symposium “Digital Rights 2.0: A Decade of Transformations”, organized by the University of Greenwich and  LETS LAB , will take place online. 

The symposium provides a venue for sharing and discussing how human rights have been shaped by emerging technologies and will feature leading IT law academics reflecting on how the past decade has brought technology to the fore and centre of legal thinking. You can find more information here and register here.