Cognitiv+ is offering our NLP annotator free of charge to all Covid-19 researchers

by Marketing Team | April 07, 2020

Cognitiv+ is offering our NLP annotator free of charge to all Covid-19 researchers

Covid-19-related research has been mounting in the last few months and Cognitiv+ is determined to help accelerate those global efforts with all available means. 

As a practical step, we’ve decided to offer our NLP annotator free of charge to any project committed to solving the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. 

We realise that an important preliminary step in every research is structuring and sorting data. There’s a lot of raw data out there: a lot of information that is compiled in  Word docs, pdfs, Excel tables, and image files, all different formats and ways of categorizing the same information. 

Unstructured data is incomprehensible to machines, it can’t be processed at scale, and therefore it can’t be used for research purposes.  In the fight against Covid-19, we need to be able to bring that information to light as soon as possible

Introducing Our New Annotator

Structuring unstructured data requires annotation. Annotation means “adding vital information to raw data” through Natural Language Processing. 

Annotation is a pivotal step to achieve and accelerate the crucial research against Covid-19. Since developing deep learning technologies is what we do best, we’ve decided to lend our annotator to the cause. 

Last month we delivered a new version of our Annotator. It is a multi-user, web-based annotator system that supports the whole process of gathering documents, preparing data samples, cleansing, annotating and generating training data. 


More in detail:

  • The new Annotator provides an easy and intuitive way to annotate any document;
  • The user interface is very clean and provides all necessary tools and information to annotate any document by minimizing errors.

We believe that researchers can use our Annotator tool to annotate and extract unstructured data which can prove particularly useful for medical documents and trials data. Cognitiv+ has limited knowledge on this domain, however we are determined to help with all available resources.

Contact us at if you are working on a project that is focused on fighting Covid-19 and you would like to use the new Cognitiv+ Annotator.

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