Cognitiv+ Features in a Nutshell: Neural Translation

by Marketing Team | March 06, 2020

Cognitiv+ Features in a Nutshell: Neural Translation

Every lawyer dreads an M&A with a company that is located in another jurisdiction or a last-minute review that overwhelms the legal department with thousands of documents. However, their worst nightmare is a document with a substantial amount of content in a foreign language!

In many cases, unless the law firm can count on native language experts for manual review, this means that foreign documents are overlooked or, even worse, skipped altogether.

Neural Translation for the Win

Cognitiv+’s neural translation technology can automatically detect 50+ languages and translate a legal document into English.

Once the document is translated, Cognitiv+ automates and streamlines the process of manual review by recognising and outlining the key clauses, providing a clear summary of key points and relevant legal obligations. This reduces the time invested in reviewing and summarising key legal provisions and mitigates risks connected to an error-prone manual review.

The summary can be exported into a Word or an Excel file.