Cognitiv+ Features in a Nutshell: Regulation Review

by Marketing Team | May 20, 2020

Cognitiv+ Features in a Nutshell: Regulation Review

If a man sets out to study all the laws, he will have no time left to transgress them – said Goethe. It may be an overstatement – or it may not be…

According to the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, that spearheaded the lamented Good Law project, the average length of Bills introduced to Parliament seems to be significantly greater than in the past, Multi-purpose Bills (‘Christmas Tree’ Bills) are getting more common and the amount of delegated legislation has increased significantly in the past decades, both in terms of the number and length.

While legal complexity and verbosity should be tackled at the lawmaking level, Artificial Intelligence can come to the rescue and significantly help with processing, reading, and interpreting new legislation. 

Extract the Index of the Law

Cognitiv+ is able to automatically index the law, extracting the main titles. With the NLP annotation system, the user can manually identify other titles making it possible for Cognitiv+’s deep learning technology to learn from your annotations and identify similarly relevant clauses within the law. 

Extract the Main Obligations.

Ultimately, it all boils down to what can and can’t be done, to what should and shouldn’t be done. Obligations are the core of every law, and Cognitiv+ intelligent technology is able to identify them, extract and then sort them. They can be easily downloaded into an Excel file or a Word document for easy review. 

Translate the Law

The neural translation system makes it possible to translate from 50 other languages into English, allowing you to process and understand foreign legislation. This is particularly relevant in M&A, cross-border transactions, and proceedings before foreign courts.

Utilizing Cognitiv+ deep learning technology we were able to process and identify, with great accuracy and speed, the main clauses in the UK Coronavirus Act 2020 and in the US Coronavirus Emergency Bill.


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