Use Cases

How does Cognitiv+ technology work in practice?

Solutions by Industry-Legal

Lease Abstraction and Portfolio Management

Identify critical insights and produce highly accurate lease reports.

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Solutions by Industry-Procurement icon

Service Agreements

Review your contracts and turn data into actionable information.

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Solutions by Industry-Financial Services icon

Credit agreements

Extract key clauses and build detailed term sheets in minutes.

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Why Cognitiv+

Improve Productivity
Document review and data extraction are boring. Let our tech do it for you, 7x faster. Turbocharge your processes.
Reduce Cost
It takes 1000s of hours to review contracts manually. Slash the time needed. Cut down billable hours.
Take better decisions
Turn scattered data into structured information; open up worlds of hidden insights. Improve your decisions.
Mitigate risks
Cognitiv+ can read and assess documents more accurately than humans. Reduce the risk of missing something.

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