The Review Platform

The Intelligent Document
Review Platform

With Cognitiv+ Out of the Box Solution, it’s easy to analyse your documents, extract key provisions, save time and mitigate risks involved in document review.


Main Features

Contract Review

Cognitiv+ machine learning technology analyzes and recognise major data insights and key clauses in legal documents.

Obligation Extraction

Cognitiv+ is trained to recognise the obligations included in a document, automatically extracting them and assigning a colour based on their severity: high, medium, or low.

Contract Comparison

Cognitiv+ compares every new contract against a database of known and approved contracts, identifying differences and potential criticalities.


Cognitiv+ platform can review and extract insights from the 5 major legal languages by leveraging our dedicated translation service.

Execution path

Step 1

Import documents

Step 2


Step 3

Find and extract relevant provisions

Step 4

Compare with the existing
database of approved contracts

Step 5

Export in Word or Excel



Accelerate Review

Dramatically reduce the time involved in reviewing and analyzing legal documents, in any format, with Cognitiv+ machine learning and OCR technology.


Mitigate Risks

Reduce the risk involved in human review with our machine learning solution that ensures all potentially risky clauses are identified.


Reduce Costs

By reducing up to 70% the time and cost coupled with manual review and version control, Cognitiv+ improves your firm efficiency and saves you money.

What you can do with Cognitiv+

Identify and extract key provisions and obligations from a variety of legal documents with our built-in models.
Accelerate Review
Non disclosure & non competition Agreements
Regulatory Compliance
Commercial Agreements
Lease Abstraction
Create your own models

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