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Fear of missing out

Manual lease abstraction is a time consuming process. You need to carefully review your documents, extract key clauses, and include them in a navigable report. With repetition comes the costly risk of missing critical information. And clients push for faster turnarounds. A recipe for disaster.

Cognitiv+ technology automatises your lease abstraction process - fueled by artificial intelligence.

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Accelerate Lease abstraction

Use Cognitiv+ for an automated lease review. Our lease abstraction technology reads through your documents and extracts the data you need. Simple. Accurate. Fast. Monitor your leasehold portfolio. Review leases and cut hidden risks during due diligence, portfolio auditing or refinancing projects. Reduce bottlenecks in strategic real estate acquisitions.

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Never miss a key date again. Transform unstructured leases and agreements into meaningful and searchable reports. Let all the extracted data flow seamlessly into your repository platforms or property management systems.

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