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The pitfalls of document review

Reviewing documents is a time sink. During a typical M&A transaction, legal professionals must manually review hundreds of documents whilst complying with volumes of contractual and regulatory scenarios. And accurate due diligence is key, but it’s both time consuming and error-prone. Then there’s tight deadlines. Maybe limited resources. What could possibly go wrong?

With Cognitiv+, legal professionals can perform intelligent document review fast, simply and accurately. Cut down on costs and reduce the risk of overlooking critical information.

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Take back control of your agreements

Cognitiv+ technology uses artificial intelligence to help you review hundreds of legal documents, at scale and at the click of a button.

No more time consuming, error-prone manual review. No more fishing for key clauses with the impending risk of missing critical information. Review and extract better and faster, with the power of artificial intelligence. Shift through vast amounts of data, with the peace of mind that nothing went overlooked. Effectively reduce your compliance and liability risk.

Free up resources for more rewarding and strategic tasks.

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