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 The problem

As a lawyer or property professional, you need to review lease agreements, produce lease and property reports, understand obligations, and extract key dates from your legal documents. It’s a common scenario in any due diligence process. Or in a digitisation project of your property portfolio. 

Lease abstraction is still done manually: a time consuming, error-prone process, where it’s incredibly easy to miss critical information, key dates or other terms. 

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The solution 

Cognitiv+ tools have been trained to review and understand lease agreements, for easy, plug-and-play lease abstraction. With Cognitiv+ artificial intelligence technology you can:

  • Digitise your contract library and gain instant insight into property documents
  • Turn unstructured leases and agreements into standard and searchable data 
  • Speed up and increase accuracy of your review, abstraction and reporting processes
  • Never miss a key date or other key clause again
  • Integrate with your Lease Administration or Property Management system and turn extracted data into actionable insights


Clauses Cognitiv+ can extract



Interest Rate

Financial Covenants

Term Loan Commitment

Minimum Liquidity

Capital Expenditures

Mandatory Prepayments

Applicable Margin

Collateral Representation


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