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Variety is complexity

Insurance is data heavy - you review policies and extract key information on premiums, coverage limits and indemnities in order to compare products. And you want to use that data to constantly improve your products and reduce risk.

Reviews are time consuming and extracting all the data points you need for precise and updated price models is a Herculean task.

Our unique Cognitiv+ Insight Booster™ is the only customisable software that allows you full control over the level of data that insurance professionals need.

Discover our unique Insight Booster™ technology 


Achieve better product design

Cognitiv+ technology helps insurers, underwriters and actuaries accelerate the review and extraction process from thousands of agreements and policies, in order to have the data they need to design better products.

But you don’t need to be a data scientist. You can fully tailor our unique Insight Booster™ module to your needs - have total control over the type and number of data points to extract, and on the level of data granularity. Our software is simple, intuitive and scalable.

Achieve better data quality, reduce costs of analysis and processing, accelerate the time-to-market for new products and create more accurate price models.

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