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You don’t know what you can’t see

Knowing financial documents means being able to precisely quantify the risk you’re up against.

Banks, lenders, financial institutions review vast numbers of loan, credit and securities agreements. Stacks of contracts to read through and extract clauses and other data from.

The more complex the arrangements, the more likely that critical information is overlooked. Cognitiv+ provides a plug-and-play solution to accurately review your documents, extract key information and slash the risk of missing important details.

Learn how Cognitiv+ can reduce your financial risk

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Turn hidden risks into transparent information

Cognitiv+ smart technology has been optimised to review financial agreements and regulations. Automatically identify and extract key data points, provisions and obligations. Create navigable reports. Safely tackle loans and securities review, bankruptcy proceedings, repapering and NPL management processes.

Structured information means transparency, and a deeper, thorough understanding of your financial risk.

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