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Classifying documents for many use cases

You may need to organise your documents for the most different reasons. Preparing for due-diligence and getting your contracts in order. Organising your document library.  Getting ready to migrate to a CLM system. Triaging contracts for insurance, compliance, audit purposes. And much more. 


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What the classifier can do

The Cognitiv+ classifier is machine learning technology that recognises your contracts type and automatically organises them in more than 30 contract categories. Saving you hours in manual classification. Upload your contracts in bulk, let our technology automatically sort them for you, download your classified documents in folders.




The Classifier will identify these contracts


Assignment Agreement

Consulting Agreement

Convertible Note

Credit Agreement

Distribution & Franchise Agreement

Employment Agreement

Escrow Agremeent

Guaranty Agreement

Incentive Agreement

Insurance Agremeent


Joint Venture Agreement

Legal Opinion

Licence Agreement

Loan Agreement

Mortgage Agremeent

Non-Compete Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Operating Agreement

Joint Partnership Agreement

Power of Attorney

Press/News Release

Property Lease Agreement

Purchase Agreement

Service Agreement

Settlement Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement

Shareholders' Agreement

Warrant Agreement




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