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The problem

Professionals in the financial sector need to quickly and accurately review a large number of credit agreements throughout a variety of due diligence projects. As a lawyer, you have to perform under immense pressure and time constraints, whilst ensuring full regulatory and contractual compliance. Yet contractual complexity has grown to a point where it’s more and more challenging to review documents accurately. Manual review can be a high-risk task.

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The solution

Cognitiv+ is able to automatically review credit agreements, extract key clauses and obligations, then export them into your preferred documents or spreadsheets.

With Cognitiv+ artificial intelligence technology you can

  • Ensure total compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Review credit agreements accurately and effectively
  • Identify key information and obligations 
  • Clear overview of representations and undertakings
  • Eliminate hidden risks in any due diligence process
  • Reduce costs involved in document review 


Clauses Cognitiv+ can extract



Interest Rate

Financial Covenants

Term Loan Commitment

Minimum Liquidity

Capital Expenditures

Mandatory Prepayments

Applicable Margin

Collateral Representation


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