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Manage contractual complexity

A construction project involves multiple actors and risks, and a good part of these risks are contractual and regulatory. With Cognitiv+ you can evaluate tenders from different contractors. Or shift through and summarise several contracts. Review and outline all the safety and tax requirements. Carry out due diligence on the agreements for all suppliers and subcontractors involved.

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Uncover hidden risks

Cognitiv+ technology helps all professionals involved in a construction project to review contracts faster and better. Our automated document review platform, powered with artificial intelligence, can review and analyse agreements and policies 7x faster than human eyes.

And with an astounding degree of accuracy. You can identify and extract key information, highlight your and other parties’ rights and obligations, and effectively compare contract terms, prices, fees.

Reduce the time to review and understand hundreds of different legal documents. Reduce the risk of overlooking important information; no more missed terms, deliverables, prohibitions or obligations.

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