Our Platform

Cognitiv+ provides legal and regulatory analytics to corporates, consultancies and legal firms enabling them to understand and act upon their compliance obligations using artificial intelligence.

“We automate repetitive tasks and provide regulatory and compliance intelligence based on the content of a company’s policies and contracts tailored to the company’s requirements providing actionable insights.”

FIRMS ARE CONSTANTLY CHALLENGED with new or amended regulations adding thousands of multi-jurisdictional requirements, adding increased pressure to deliver uncompromising compliance with reduced budgets and significant resource constraints. The amount of information is daunting and traditional methods seem outdated to address this.

OUR CONTRACT ANALYTICS TOOL automatically analyses all the contracts ensuring external risk is carefully reviewed and understood.

Whether an outsourcing compliance audit, merger & acquisition due diligence or day to day contract management process, our tool automatically extracts critical information from your contracts and merges it with your company’s processes and systems.

What is unique

Structured Facts

Our system crawls thousands of legislation lines and mines your contracts and policies to structure sets of meaningful data, targeting the information you require based on the company’s content, cleansing it in a format that the “relevant” and “important” information is segregated from the rest.

Tailored to you

Rather than maintaining compliance by undertaking reactive assignments, feel the power of the “on target” notifications giving you updates on regulatory changes and documents that affect you.

No more generic updates and blind audits.

Nothing stops you

Do you want to bring an additional body of regulation or in-house policies to ensure compliance?

Are you interested in analysing your contracts further?

We are here to help with our professional services and expand our solution based on your needs with each of your requests being processed within weeks and for a fraction of the price that traditional providers offer.

Our technology

We designed our NLP Engine with one thing in mind:
Actionable Knowledge Extraction

The Cognitiv+ Engine

Our Artificial Intelligence Engine is trained not only to identify Topics of interest in Unstructured Text. We also identify Relationships between Topics, Events, Companies and Obligations .

We are using several state of the art techniques (both Machine Learning & Rule-based) to address the same problem. Our goal is to take Information Extraction and Natural Language Processing to the next level.

We want to enable our customers to be able to search their Unstructured Data in PDFs, HTML, DOC files not with Keywords but with Concepts. We want to enable new possibilities such as searching for Events and Sentences having a specific Content and Context.

The Query Engine

With few clicks you can filter all the contracts and policies based on categories, tags, date period and keywords.