Contract Analytics

Cognitiv+ Contract Analytics simplifies contract audits
and offer significant savings.

Contract Analytics represents an overarching umbrella of analytical tools for contract review, empowering stakeholders to answer common but complex questions that professionals face on daily basis.

For example:

  • Do you have the tools to identify, group and analyse and review non-standard clauses?
  • Do you know if the contracts are in compliance with the legal terms provided by your legal department/advisor? Do they review those terms periodically?
  • How many contracts do you have? In which Jurisdiction?
  • How many variations of Liability or Force Majeure clauses do you have?


  • Contract Clause Analysis Reporting

    The Contract Clause Analysis report enables you to search for the contracts where a given set of clauses is used. After entering the search criteria for the clauses and the contracts, the system displays a list of all appearances of the clauses in those contracts.

  • Bespoke Contract Analytics

    Bespoke Clause analysis across a set of contracts fast, accurately and cost-effective via our Professional Services.

  • Contract Viewer

    View your contracts on our intuitive viewer and identify your actions.

  • Contract Analysis Reporting

    To continue your analysis outside our system or integrate it with your systems, we have prepared a number of reports that can easily be extracted into a spreadsheet.

  • Processed and clean data

    As you move your contracts from your folders or passive contract management systems into our systems, the system automatically extracts key information, commitments and obligations without any need for manual input.

  • Task Management

    Assign tasks and documents to reviewers, legal team and subject-matter experts at document and clause level. Keep track of documents that need review and keep your contract audit trail tidy.

  • Real Time Collaboration

    Make the sharing of your documents simple. Contract Analytics allows multiple people to view and edit the same content, allowing for real-time collaboration.

  • Upload and Import

    You can upload any types of the common document files (doc, docx, odt, xls,xlsx, pdf, ppt, pptx) and rest assured that your files will be processed. In addition, we employ “Optical Character Recognition” to each document that is uploaded. This technology examines your PDFs and other files, converting them into searchable text. For example, when you have signed a supplier’s contract, you can scan the document and we will convert each of the clauses of the contract into searchable text.

  • Export and Reporting

    Contract Analytics delivers visual discovery, dashboards and enterprise reports across a single business model, ready to be integrated to your Business Intelligence or ERP solutions if is needed.

  • Cloud or Enterprise solution

    Whether in-cloud or on premise, mobile or desktop, off the shelf or totally bespoke Cognitiv+ have the solutions to meet the challenges faced by your business.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance Analytics

BUSINESSES and ORGANIZATIONS must comply with requirements and standards set out in regulations, policies, mandates and guidelines to meet public standards and avoid potential penalties.

The ever-changing regulatory environment along with the volume new or pending regulations or changes to existing ones, give a tsunami of information that the legal and compliance department needs to analyse.


  • Regulatory taxonomy

    Catalog all laws and regulations that apply the relevant business activities and jurisdictions.

  • Business impact analysis

    We automatically scan your policies and contracts and identify those you apply and take any noise out.

  • Regulatory content feeds

    Receive updates in relation to specific legislation and regulations based on the impact analysis.

  • Regulatory roles and responsibilities

    You identify the subject-matter experts and document owners to ensure they receive updates that really matter to them.

  • Issue Management

    A workflow system that registers issues and actions on a notification system that separates accountability and information.

  • Dashboarding & reporting

    Legal & Regulatory Compliance Analytics delivers visual discovery, dashboards and enterprise reports across a single business model, ready to be integrated into your Business Intelligence or ERP solutions if needed.

  • A 360 degrees regulatory change monitor

    Tackle regulatory changes at enterprise level fortifying the whole company against the volatile regulatory environment.