Cognitiv+ is a legal & compliance analytics
and technology company.

WE AIM TO EMPOWER legal, audit, commercial, procurement and GRC professionals to identify, organise and present information according to their respective needs and rules.

WE WORK CLOSELY WITH ACADEMIA to introduce innovation and apply state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, including text-mining and machine learning. We build thoughtfully-designed tools for intuitive and data-driven legal and compliance analysis.

AS THE INNOVATORY SOLUTIONS lie on the intersections of disciplines, we combine various backgrounds on legal, data science, procurement, finance, ICT and commercial – and thereby we ensure our approach and solutions are holistic and meet the demands across the corporate spectrum.

OUR CLIENTS USE OUR PLATFORM to extract information from their legal data, combine it with public data and transform it to something meaningful.

The Founder

Vasilis Tsolis


With a dual background in law and engineering, Vasilis has held various positions in dispute resolution, contract, commercial and procurement management for various sectors including energy, infrastructure and IT for more than 12 years.